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Java Design Patterns

Java Anti Patterns

Description : There are many anti patterns in java, one of them is calculations and conversions to the weights. Use Case : Before instructing to Che (Container Handling Equipment, like STRADDLE, RMG, RTG, Quay-Crane), We need to check, whether this Che is lift capacity is greater than the container or containers(In case of twins) weight. CheCapacityCheck.java import javax.measure.quantity.Mass; import javax.measure.unit.Unit; ...

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Front Controller

Front Controller Description: The beauty of front control design pattern is single point of contact for all requests and responses. Why do we required: As a good application designer, we need to concentrate on few common things, 1) Application consistency we call as robustness 2) Less cost of application maintenance 3) Easy to extend (extend ability) 4) No code duplication ...

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